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Is red light therapy the fountain of youth?

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Is red light therapy the fountain of youth?

By Haley Hernandez – Health ReporterPosted: 6:30 AM, March 25, 2019Updated: 7:41 AM, March 25, 2019 HOUSTON – Red light tanning beds and masks are being touted as the new fountain of youth. The therapy encourages your cells to heal faster and produce more collagen.… continue reading

Local Business Advertising: 3 Ways to Grow in Your Market

Monday, March 25, 2019

Local Business Advertising: 3 Ways to Grow in Your Market

Conor BondLast updated: March 21, 2019Paid Search Marketing When I was 13, I was way too dumb to understand Lord of the Flies. So were a lot of my classmates.… continue reading

Sun Light Institute responses to sun articles 03/18/19 to 03/25/19

Monday, March 25, 2019 As regards sun exposure and sunscreen, there are a few facts you have missed. Two major studies have shown that sunscreens may be worthless or even harmful. The first, a meta-analysis, showed no protective effect of sunscreens against skin cancer.… continue reading

D2 vs. D3 – What is the Difference?

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
D2 vs. D3 – What is the Difference?

From Grassroots Health News letter

This topic may be old news to those of you who have been following GrassrootsHealth for some time, but it is still a common question we receive from others who are new to vitamin D. 
continue reading

Using too much sunscreen may be harming our health, according to increasing evidence

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
The health benefits of sunlight are only now being fully understood – so when do we really need to cover up? Jane Feinmann reports Replay Loaded: 100.00% Fullscreen Close Jane Feinmann 16 hours Tuesday March 19th 2019 Most Popular Using too much sunscreen may be harming our health Long Reads Cabinet ministers hint they will resign if Brexit extended Brexit John Bercow ducks BBC questions before being branded ‘traitor’ News A brief history of when men sold their wives at market, and why some women… Opinion Pension Credit reform: Waspi woman can’t pay for daughter’s wedding News The i newsletter News for free thinkers Could 2019 be the year that we stop slathering on so much sunscreen?… continue reading

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