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Sunshine Exposure Can Affect How Long You Live

Wednesday, May 8, 2024
Published on May 7, 2024

Research shows that more sunshine in your life can help you live healthier, longer, and that avoiding sunshine could be the 4th major lifestyle factor leading to early death

Key Points

  • Researchers discovered the mortality rate for women who avoided sun exposure was two times higher than those with the highest sun exposure, with an intermediate mortality rate in those with moderate sun exposure; those same researchers have determined that low amounts of sunshine exposure could be considered the 4th major lifestyle factor for health, after low exercise, smoking, and obesity
  • There are consistent epidemiological data showing that mortality is highest among those people classified into the lowest group for serum 25(OH)D [vitamin D] or for sun exposure
  • 340,000 deaths per year in the United States and 480,000 deaths per year in Europe, as well as a rise in many diseases, could be attributed to insufficient sun exposure or “sunshine deficiency, and the United States could expect to see a potential reduction of as much as 336,000 deaths per year and direct cost reductions upwards of $130 billion each year if everyone were to reach a vitamin D level of at least 40 ng/ml (100 nmol/L)
Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?
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New Sunshine Diversion Updates

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
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Cheers to 20 Years! Meet Makayla!

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
Join the newest member of the Devoted Creations team, Makayla Thomas, as she talks all about her 14 favorite products on her birthday! Makayla comes from a salon background in New Jersey & Mississippi and contributes great insight and knowledge of being behind the counter. 
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Health-Promoting Reactions in the Body Triggered by Exposure to Full-Spectrum Sunlight

Monday, May 6, 2024
Published on May 5, 2024

Wavelengths of Energy from Sunshine: UVB, UVA, Red, Near Infrared, Far Infrared, and Blue Light from sunshine all have unique health consequences

Key Points

  • There are several wavelengths of energy from sunshine that trigger specific actions within the body to influence our health; different wavelengths are able to penetrate the skin to different depths and have certain effects on the cells and tissues they reach
  • UVB radiation stimulates the production of vitamin D, as well as serotonin and beta-endorphins, UVA promotes the release of nitric oxide into the blood, and both have a positive effect on the diversity of the microbiome on the skin and in the gut
  • Blue light has a strong regulatory effect on the circadian rhythm and the release of melatonin from the pineal gland, while red light, near-infrared radiation, and far-infrared radiation have anti-inflammatory and tissue healing effects; infrared radiation also stimulates the production of melatonin inside the mitochondria for a strong antioxidant effect

The energy given off from the sunshine (aka the solar spectrum) consists of different wavelengths between 300 nm and well over 1 mm.
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