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Base Tans Work – Get Up to 6 Times the Protection

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
The Joint Canadian Tanning Association (JCTA) wants Canadians to know it time to get a base tan for that winter vacation down south. Creating a natural base tan via exposure to UV light is called photoprotection and can give a person 4 to 6 times the protection from sunburning on a sunny vacation. Thousands of Canadians frequent indoor sunbathing salons each year before their sunny vacation and return every year to their local salons as a testament of proof that base tans work. continue reading


Friday, January 25, 2013
For Immediate Release Media Contact: Steve Gilroy Joint Canadian Tanning Association 800-915-0367 CANADIAN INDOOR TANNING INDUSTRY BEST AT TEACHING TEENAGERS SUNBURN PREVENTION JAN. 23 – New research suggests that the Canadian professional indoor tanning industry is best serving the public health interests of Canadians by effectively teaching sunburn prevention and moderation, while the skin care industry’s antiquated agenda, of total sun avoidance, led by companies that market 365-day usage of sunscreen likely is hurting more people than it helps.… continue reading

Indoor Tanning May Decrease Cancer Risk, New Study Suggests

Friday, January 25, 2013
KELOWNA, BC— A new study suggests regular indoor tanning or recreational sun exposure may reduce the risk of malignant lymphoma, placing the cancer among a growing list of internal cancers that could potentially be inhibited by UV light exposure. The population-based case control study of 710 lymphoma patients matched with a control group, published this month in the International Journal of Cancer, was led by the German Cancer Research Center.… continue reading

Canadian Cancer Society Attack on the Tanning Industry an Embarrassment

Friday, January 25, 2013
EDMONTON, April 30 – In what he calls a shocking display of unobjective, unprofessional journalism, the Joint Canadian Tanning Association (JCTA) President Doug McNabb condemned the recent Canadian Cancer Society press release (April 23, 2007) and the media sources who published it and called for the media to provide Canadians with the truth about tanning, sunlight and cancer.… continue reading

Indoor tanners benefit from exposure to vitamin D

Friday, January 25, 2013
KELOWNA, BC — Canadian indoor tanners will soon know more about the positive effects they’re receiving from the vitamin D generated while they’re tanning. According to a recent Globe and Mail report, U.S. researchers will announce in June the first direct link between cancer prevention and the sunshine vitamin.… continue reading

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