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New Zealand’s Tanning Association Stands Up for Tanning

Monday, October 27, 2008
SunSmart: Not So Smart? The Indoor Tanning Association NZ Inc (INTANZ) says it is “extremely keen” to work together with SunSmart and The Cancer Society to improve public health outcomes for skin cancer. Responding to a fresh attack from the Chief of Surgery at Ascot Private Hospital, Professor James Shaw, INTANZ spokesperson Gabrielle Brown says this is another example of a missed opportunity.… continue reading

Experts call for mass trials of vitamin D supplement

Sunday, October 26, 2008
From The Times UK (Greater Glasgow Health Board) Conference organiser: Dr Harry Burns, the Chief Medical Officer Melanie Reid Vitamin D supplements for Scots should be tested “sooner rather than later” to demonstrate whether they can improve the nation’s health, international experts told the Scottish government yesterday.… continue reading

New study suggests sun scare purveyors should change their approach

Thursday, October 23, 2008
Sun Scare pundits should concentrate on the cosmetic effects of tanning rather than the health effects in their over-the-top efforts to scare people out of the sun, a study in the journal Cancer reported this week. “Giving young indoor tanning enthusiasts the ugly truth about how ultraviolet light can affect their skin’s appearance, as well as offering alternatives to the bronzed look, can help them to reduce their tanning bed use, new research published in the journal Cancer shows,” Reuters news service reported.… continue reading

Education Helps Women Make Safer Tanning Choices

Thursday, October 23, 2008
Instructional booklet altered attitudes about indoor salons (HealthDay News) — Giving young women educational materials about the risks of indoor tanning helps them find healthier alternatives for changing appearances, a study says. Six months after 430 college-age women received a booklet focused on the damaging effects of tanning and ultraviolet radiation, specifically related to indoor tanning, on the skin’s appearance, about 35 percent of the women reduced their time in tanning booths from the previous year.… continue reading

YouTube: Tanning Beds Touted as Healthy

Thursday, October 23, 2008
By Anne Harding Tired of hearing that tanning is bad for you? Click on over to YouTube. According to a study published Monday in Archives of Dermatology, videos touting the benefits of roasting one’s skin in a tanning bed outnumber those warning of ultraviolet dangers by nearly 3 to 1 on YouTube.… continue reading

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