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Joint Canadian Tanning Association: Proposed teenage ban doesn’t address the real problem

Friday, September 14, 2012
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KELOWNA, BC – The Joint Canadian Tanning Association (JCTA) says that Ontario Premier McGuinty’s statement of earlier today announcing a ban on the use of indoor tanning facilities by those under the age of 18 “simply doesn’t go far enough” and “does not address the real issues.” “We have been working closely with officials in the Ontario government to bring about a regulatory framework that will protect all consumers, and not simply stop at banning teenagers,” said JCTA Executive Director Steven Gilroy. “The influx of self-operated and coin-operated sunbeds and dermatology’s use of sunbeds for the treatment of cosmetic skin conditions are the real risks to consumers. The data – when you look at it dispassionately and objectively – show clearly that commercial sunbed usage in Canada is not the real issue,” Gilroy said. “The professional sunbed market in Canada is prepared to discuss that with Ontario officials to bring about regulation that protects the most consumers for the least cost to Canadian citizens.” “What is needed is a regulatory framework to ensure that consumers are protected and we simply don’t have that in Ontario as of yet,” said Gilroy. “It’s not enough to ban use of tanning salons for those who are seventeen and under, and to say that people who are eighteen and over are on their own.” Gilroy has been meeting with government officials over recent weeks and expressed optimism that Ontario will be prepared to take the necessary measures to protect consumers.


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