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Indoor Tanning Industry Moves to Safeguard Clients From Over Exposure to UV Light

Tuesday, September 2, 2014
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Indoor Tanning Industry Moves to Safeguard Clients From Over Exposure to UV Light

Actions include warning signs and mandatory certification for operators

The indoor tanning industry association in Canada will not permit anyone under 18 to use UV Tanning equipment, unless they have a medical prescription.

Members of the national governing body, the Joint Canadian Tanning Association (JCTA), will also be directed to post warning signs flagging the potential harm of UV rays if equipment is improperly used.

The JCTA agrees with the research; sunburn and excessive exposure to UV light whether indoors or outdoors can be harmful to your skin, particularly if you are Skin Type 1 (always burn, never tan).

Steven Gilroy, Executive Director of the JCTA, said the actions demonstrate a commitment to the thousands of consumers who properly use tanning services every day.

“Our biggest concern is the health and safety of the tanning public,” said Gilroy.

“There has been a desire recognized by our industry to prevent anyone under 18 from accessing UV tanning. We think that is reasonable.” Gilroy noted a survey done of members in the Prairie Provinces found 90 percent supported the restrictions.

“We also believe; however, that among the biggest controllable danger in our industry is the untrained operation of tanning equipment,” said Gilroy. The JCTA has already mandated professional standards governing the control of the equipment and making sure that a client doesn’t have control of the timer, that a trained and industry certified operator has that control.

“One of our biggest concerns is self-serve equipment – client controlled, swipe–card and coin operated,” said Gilroy. Controlled Equipment in a regulated environment greatly minimizes the risk associated with UV light; and in fact insures the greatest possible benefits.”

Sunbeds have been used for phototherapy for many years and some health-care professionals – including physicians, naturopaths, and psychologists – have recommended sunbeds for years because of their therapeutic benefits.

For more information, call Steven Gilroy, JCTA Executive Director

P: 1.800.915.0367

M: 250.863.8765