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Do you know your skin type? 4th Annual Tan Awareness Week sheds light on its importance

Friday, January 25, 2013
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KELOWNA, BC — May 28, 2012 — Summer is quickly approaching and that means spending more time outdoors in the sun. In support of the fourth annual Tan Awareness Week from May 28 – June 4, Canada’s tanning industry wants to ensure you are aware of your skin type before tanning and sun exposure.

Tan Awareness Week is an educational campaign designed to encourage intelligent sun care and sunburn prevention, rather than total sun abstinence. The initiative was devised to dispel public health misinformation regarding sun exposure, which has been a contributor to   vitamin d deficiency for Canadians.

“Knowing your skin type is a priority for professional tanning salon operators. They can immediately tell you how you should tan or if you should even tan at all,” says JCTA Executive Director Steve Gilroy. “Once we know your skin type, your tanning experience will be the right one for you. I encourage everyone to visit and click on the link to,” he added.

Often called the ‘sunshine vitamin,’ vitamin D is made primarily when UVB in sunlight reaches the skin. UVB in sunlight is by far the most natural and abundant source of vitamin D and dietary supplements are unnatural surrogates for what human biology intended: regular moderate UV exposure.

“We want to educate Canadians about responsible sun exposure and to dispel the myths about the harmful effects of moderate ultraviolet exposure from sunlight and sunbeds Gilroy said. “As summer nears, the JCTA aims to help the public achieve a balance between sunburn avoidance and vitamin D production,” he added.

The JCTA believes sunburn prevention is best achieved through a combination of tanning and proper sunscreen usage. As we head into summer, this message is crucial for Canadians who typically receive little or no exposure to the sun from October to May. as sudden excessive exposure to UV light without preparation can cause sunburn, increasing the risk of skin damage.

Recently the tanning industry called on the provinces to support its call for applying strict professional standards to ensure best practices are followed across Canada, this includes not allowing people with Skin Type 1 to use sunbeds.

The JCTA’s tanning industry standards include:

  • Not allowing Skin Type 1 (always burn, never tan) customers
  • Professional tanning operator training and certification
  • Only certified operators to control equipment 
  • Written parental consent for tanners under 18 years old
  • Wearing mandatory protective eyewear at all times
  • Skin typing every client correctly
  • Banning self-serve tanning equipment

Because the JCTA favours constructive solutions that are in the best interest of public health, the professional indoor tanning community supports obtaining parental consent for anyone under 18 years old who wishes to tan in salons.

For more information about Tan Awareness Week and to find out your skin type, please visit

About the Joint Canadian Tanning Association

Founded in 2002, the JCTA is a national non-profit organization created to increase understanding of the professional tanning industry’s scientifically supported position that regular moderate ultraviolet exposure from sunshine or sunbed, in a non-burning fashion, is part of a responsible lifestyle that recognizes both the inherent benefits and the manageable risks associated with ultraviolet light exposure. provides a balance to the messaging Canadians receive regarding sun exposure and sunbeds.

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