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Canada’s tanning industry seeks provinces’ support for industry standards

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
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KELOWNA, BC – Canada’s tanning industry remains committed to applying strict professional standards to ensure that best practices are followed across the country – and it is calling on the provinces to support them.

“We are encouraging every province in Canada to enact legislation that enforces these standards. This will ensure all tanning facilities are operating under the same professional standards,” says Joint Canadian Tanning Association (JCTA) President Doug McNabb.

“We want every Canadian to feel confident their tanning experience is managed by someone who is following the professional standards practised by our member salons,”
he added.

These tanning industry standards include:

  • Professional tanning operator training and certification
  • Only certified operators to control equipment
  • Written parental consent for tanners under 18 years old
  • Wearing mandatory protective eyewear at all times
  • Skin typing every client correctly
  • Not allowing Skin Type 1 (always burn, never tan) customers
  • Banning self-serve tanning equipment

The JCTA is committed to educating the public about tanning and responding to any questions or concerns they may have. “We encourage Canadians who have questions about tanning to visit and review the information, and ask questions if they want more information,” McNabb said.

This week marks the fourth annual Tan Awareness Week, an educational campaign designed to encourage intelligent sun care and sunburn prevention, rather than total sun abstinence.

JCTA member salons ask new customers to complete a client card which asks a person’s age and skin type. They will then receive professional direction and guidance from the salon operator.

Indoor tanning facilities are at the forefront in educating clients on outdoor sunburn prevention, including the proper use of sunscreens to prevent sunburn outdoors. Research shows the potential risks from tanning are from overexposure or sunburning, not moderate tanning.

More than 80 per cent of tanning facilities in Canada have formally trained operators on duty.  Insurance carriers require their covered businesses to complete formal training. Part of this training includes teaching outdoor sunburn prevention to teenagers and their parents. Because the JCTA favours constructive solutions that are in the best interest of public health, the professional indoor tanning community supports obtaining parental consent for anyone under 18 years old who wishes to tan in salons.

“Canada’s tanning industry is committed to a full and open dialogue about tanning. This is why we are seeking uniform national standards that will be followed by all JCTA-member salons,” McNabb said.

About the Joint Canadian Tanning Association

Founded in 2002, the JCTA is a national non-profit organization created to increase understanding of the professional tanning industry’s scientifically supported position that regular moderate ultraviolet exposure from sunshine or sunbed, in a non-burning fashion, is part of a responsible lifestyle that recognizes both the inherent benefits and the manageable risks associated with ultraviolet light exposure. provides a balance to the messaging Canadians receive regarding sun exposure and sunbeds.


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